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Good evening!

I'm new at stock photography, and I've been using dreamstime as I read is one of the best stock photo pages.

By now I'm trying to upload pictures little by little, anyway I can't keep my patience and wait for those 10-12 days to see if my pictures are accepted or not.

I've realized that when the views grow, they don't do it one by one, but from 6 to 12, 20 to 27,... Every time a picture is viewed... It's viewed half a dozen times at least... And I can't think of an explanation.

By now I'm using my existing pictures to make myself statistics of which kind of pictures are most viewed, sold,... Also with the keywords... I've just found generic information about keywords or most sold pictures, but I think it would help if there was some kind of official statistics...

My first two pictures were viewed 24 and 37 times in just two days(or three...) but after 15 days more they just stay at the same number, while the others increase little by little... Some kind of X-Files...

I attach you my most viewed picture(as I can send you my most sold...), it's good to know that everybody is interested in the same thing... Two lions having sex!!

My pictures, with just 15 days in the page, have been viewed from 10 to 50 times... But still my earnings is $0,00. That would mean that my pictures like, but they are not useful for being sold... Any help? Or just patience and keep on trying with more 'best seller' pictures.

I'm sorry if I asked things that are over there written thousand times!! I'm just another beginner full of illusion!!


Photo credits: Jordi Prat Puig.

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February 23, 2013


Dont look at views and keep uploading, sales will come within a month usually.
Its important to spend more time shooting and uploading then viewing, every type of pictures sale so dont focus on single subject and keep uploading :)

February 21, 2013


I had a look at your portfolio. Your work looks good (especially like the 'Fresh Beer') so I won't worry too much. Just shoot and upload, have some fun with it. That's my plan anyway.

I sold a picture I just shot of my bicycle, let's say the 'first of the roll'. I was so surprised! There's no telling what people need and when. For them it's just a matter of coming across exactly what they need.

Hope it helps!


February 21, 2013


Don't worry sales will arrive, you need at least 100 images in your portfolio to be noticed. The more images the better exposure you get, also try to diversify and be more original. With almost 700 images online I get 2 to 4 sales per day. So keep you images loading.

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