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Santiago is an old Cuban fisherman abandoned by good fortune. They have become eighty-four the days he failed to take any fish. Manolo, the boy who accompanied him as a child in the boat, where he taught everything about the job of fisherman and against whom harbors a deep affection, was forced by parents to fish on another boat. By now everyone thinks an old man without resources Santiago struck by bad luck. He lives alone in his little hut in the village abandoned by everybody, disillusioned and disheartened, as if struck by a curse. But Manolo reciprocates his affection and does not fail to understand that Santiago would prefer to fish with him. Manolo visits him every time I can, tries to help by transporting the lines or the gaff or sail, gives him the bait. And to see him arrive empty-handed makes it infinitely sad and helpless.

Santiago takes the sea alone again and this time dragging a big fish to bite off his small boat. It 'a very tough fight between Santiago and the swordfish that more than five meters long, lasts three days and three nights during which the old man would have longed for the help and comfort by Manolo. The thought of the boy is always with him and gives him strength when he is about to give, but there's another man who helps her in this grueling path and it deems an unparalleled example. And 'the Italian-American Joe DiMaggio, captain of the baseball team beat New York. Thanks to them and to his perseverance, Santiago won the fight against the "noble" fish. But his little odyssey is not over. During the return trip to Santiago is forced to contend with the sharks do not want to give up the prey, and that as the tear. The old man manages to get the better of these sharks, but on his return to the port, its huge fish has now remained only the head and bones, almost a symbol of what he faced. One of the great hopes and frustration of all efforts? No, rather a eulogy of strength and perseverance, but also the respect for nature and resentment at the killing of an animal at the end like him, and only strong.

Photo credits: Emiliano Giannarelli.


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July 19, 2011


A story that makes you think!!!

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