Flags about wrong keywords - whose responsibility is it

Ten pin bowling spare called Clothesline in

Just a general idea about flags for wrong keywords...I have no beef with self policing policies but I do ask a question...whose resposibility should it be for the results of these flags...I will elaborate...I have been flagged twice...once for the word CRAPS in relation to the dice game that is played in all casinos...and again, for the word CLOTHESLINE, in relation to a typical spare in ten pin bowling.

A quick google or wiki will show that both terms are correctly used for the particular public that may be searching for those images.

The particular question is...why should it be my responsibility to show that I have used it correctly...shouldn

Frankly, it is a little bizarre to have to respond to people who THINK that it is an error and they are contributing to the overall wellbeing and earning their 0.02 cents of a dollar for their services rendered.

Maybe ADMIN should comment on this but I can

luv to all the big DT community...not complaining really...just contributing my TWO CENTS worth...

ta ta

sorry for any Ns that may be missing...it is sticking on my keyboard

Photo credits: Billdayone.
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October 23, 2012

Thanks all for chipping in...I am not, in the least, miffed by the flagging. It just seems an exercise in futility and a waste of time for all. The small point I was trying to make was that the onus of the responsibility should be on the FLAGGER and not on the FLAGGEE, (smile..to use some legalese). Minimum, I would expect, a self-respecting FLAGGER to google...ten pin bowling, clothesline...and see what comes up.

Picking Up Spares
The 10-pin: For right-handed bowlers, the 10-pin is a smaller target than any other single pin spare. ... The Clothesline: This is even more difficult than it looks.

That is the #1 result in google. Less time than typing up the flag. Downside..he, the FLAGGER, does not get any blog time or even his TWO CENTS...do me a favour...TWO CENTS.

I rest my case. Maybe the gentleman would contribute as to why he invests his time in this waste of time instead of taking and uploading pictures...

saludos / billdayone


October 22, 2012

You're totally right, the same has happened to me several times.


October 22, 2012

I will usually review the feedback and remove them if i feel inappropriate. Otherwise i will reply to sender how i use the word, and its relevance to my photo.


October 22, 2012

Don't get stressed out, the e-mail clearly says to ignore the flag if it is in error: "If the flag is irrelevant or accidental, please ignore or reply politely.". I usually reply back to inform the user that they flagged it in error and that they may want to make sure it made it into their lightbox :) It is only your responsibility to show it is used correctly when it isn't obvious. I have had a number of flagged images over the years and none (to my knowledge) have resulted in a locked image.


October 21, 2012

I have been scrolling through images on my iPad and gotten a pop up about flagging, so I think it is way to easy to push that bottom in error and that probably accounts for much of the problem


October 21, 2012

Yeah I had some totally wrong flags too. Maybe some people have fun of clicking whatever word as irrelevant... I've got idea - to make a blog where contributors will put names of flag spammers and a description of their case. The blog must have a name...can be "Shame on you!" I don't want to start coz my cases are rather old...but somebody can!


October 21, 2012

I have had cash flagged for a money shot and ship flagged on a picture of a cruise ship. This may be mistakes by people speaking English as a second language or something, easiest thing to do is just ignore and not worry about them. As far as I can see nothing happens unless the flag is obviously wrong, like when someone just cut and pastes others keywords. I also flag words if they are totally wrong and again this may be down to a language issue.