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flies and snails

In fact, I do not like flies or snails, but I could not find any butterflies or dragonflies. Flies was so ugly no matter when and where I have looked at, but the sails, more looky and more cute.

It was rain in the morning of the day, in the afternoon it had a good sunshine, we had take a long time to found a snail, I held it in my hands as a baby and put it on a rosebush and camera to it, it was not cooperate, just put it on the leaf surface and then he climbed up to another face as soon as, of course, I, the assistant, Only have time to catched it back again and again.

suddenly I found another snail, and then see the other, the other and the other, the original is snails just eat the leaves of this trees. This time was not to find a snail, but choose the best beautiful snail from all of them, it’s also very troublesome, because all of them looked like same.

I was so hungry Because we did not eat anything at noon, I urgencied he to go home, but he was not willing to failed those snails, and then I acted a bad guys to captured three snails on my kettle, of course, i did not forget to take a few leaves. After time they settle on my balcony, my balcony just has a small basin of flowers and vegetables, some days before we also can found them after the rain, the weather is very hot these days, and we do not see them again, I think maybe them have became a bird’s food.

Photo credits: Lu Yongli.

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