Flooding Before Xmas

Recently, it has not stopped raining in Ireland.. and it has caused some very bad flooding. Fortunately our house is ok, but there are may businesses and homes that have been ruined by these floods. Say a little prayer for the families that have lost everything just weeks before Christmas, and say a thanks for your warm and dry home.

Here are a few shots of some beautiful houses that were flooded close by to where i live....

the fields...

and the roads.....

Take care everyone during these wintery months - rebecca x

Photo credits: Rebeccaosborn.

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September 10, 2010


terrible,but the pictures are good

December 04, 2009


That's awful, but your pictures tell the story well! You definitely saw the silver lining in the proverbial cloud.

December 01, 2009


These types of things generally considered to be natural damage. I think it human being who is creating problems to both who suffer and who don't. Only a few thinks about it. I am really sad to them who have just lost their homes rather houses. Sympathy for all.
Thanks Rebecca for letting us know this thing.

December 01, 2009


That is terrible. The pics are good, but I wish those houses weren't so adversely affected.

December 01, 2009


I wish to you andf to your country to overcoma this happening as soon as possible and to have a lot of forces for making all destroyed things better as soon as possible. I admire Ireland - esp. for the green nature and coast. I wish you and people of Ireland everything the best!

December 01, 2009


flooding seems to be happening more often now prob because of global warming as Maen said - i'm sorry that your hometown has suffered with floods especially at this time of the year - thankfully your home is fine.
thoughts and prayers are with you all

December 01, 2009


your hometown is in my thoughts and prayers. stay safe!

November 30, 2009


Very sad indeed especially over this period, let us pray there is some relief for them all over the festive season.

November 30, 2009


I just hope the the flooding will really stop soon so that we will be able to celebrate the holiday happily. I will say some prayer to the family who experience damage brought about this flooding. I just hope that the community will be able to recover from this even if it means borrowing some money. If you need to borrow money, make sure you're going to be able to sleep at night. Money and mental health walk together in steps, because when your income slows down it puts a strain on your mental health, which can make you a patient without money, leaving you in a situation that calls for two options: borrowing money or leaving your bills unpaid and going to collections.

November 30, 2009


I will say many prayers for you and your neighbors, so sad to have such a disaster, especially before the holidays, but I believe that "If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it" Stay safe

November 30, 2009


Good to know ur safe, but feel sad for those who lost, but believe me the three first images are superb, the vibrant color and they way you captured them overlaped the sad moment. Perfect image.

November 30, 2009


Unfortunately global warming effects are being seen in many parts of the world! Thank God you're safe Rebecca... Cheers ;)

November 30, 2009


Yeah - lots of it about :(

November 30, 2009


I know what you mean about flooding, every year the service lane that runs behind our public library floods and I'm always wondering is this the year it will flood the whole main street. Our main street backs onto the river and is relatively high up but there are lots of hydro dams further back on the river and some years they just can't hold the water back. About 4 or 5 years ago our high school and 3 or 4 streets around it flooded. They are on the opposite bank which is a bit lower. There was a lot of work put into stock-banks and raising the low parts of the river bank to help prevent this. The main problem is they've stopped dredging the river bed. When the river is really low in the summer you can see large sand banks in the middle. They reckon you can wade most of the way across at this time.
I hope these families get lots of help in their cleanup and that something can be done to prevent this happening again.

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