Flower Blossom

The first day of spring has finally arrived here in our beautiful country, South Africa. We had an abundance of rain during June and July which has been such a blessing! Our dams are overflowing once again for the first time in years. Hopefully the rain will continue to fall over our entire country during the months of spring and summer this year as well as next year. I do, however, look forward to warmer months ahead after an exceptionally cold winter.

What I am most looking forward to is the fact that this is the time of the year when life becomes more adventurous – road trips, camping trips, beach vibes, braai’s with friends and all the other wonderful things in between!

So, what do you love most about spring?

Photo credits: Lindsay Basson.

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September 03, 2011


Spring is great and your picture is great also. But in my country the autumn just settle in :) So, I`m really waiting for the new spring :)

September 03, 2011


Thank you so much :)

September 02, 2011


Great images!

September 02, 2011


Great photo and great portfolio!!!

September 02, 2011


Always spring means for me a new beginning, beautiful nature and baby animals...So, is it spring now in South Africa?

September 01, 2011


:) Thank you all! I will deffies be taking lots of photos :)

September 01, 2011


Nice images you must have a lot of opportunities to get great images.

September 01, 2011


excellent wildlife work. you're obviously taking full advantage of your land and its beauty. i 've never been there, but my closest colleague has family there and visits your land countless times. One day perharps i will visit south as i love the north (tunisia,eg. as you see from my travel portfolio).

September 01, 2011


I tend to look forward to any change of season as I tend to get a little jaded after a period of time with a similar weather pattern.

Summers are long and dry here in Hungary and I am now longing for the leaves to change and the clouds of Autumn to appear, it seems as though after a period of time I am always looking for the next change!

September 01, 2011


Try to capture images full of life and the fantastic nature around you!

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