The Flower Photographer of Silicon Valley

For many years as a boy and young adult, I could not be around flowers or blossoms because of the risk of severe allergy and asthma attacks. I would long for the time when I could be around flowers and blossoms and enjoy them like my Grandma Hill and everyone else.

Grandma loved flowers so much, and always had something blooming in her yard in spring and summer, whether in Goleta or Freshwater, Calif., where I grew up.

By my late 20s, my allergies subsided to the point where I could be around fragrant flowers and blossoms, but it wasn’t until after my brother tragically passed away, that I would begin getting the green thumb he left behind.

For many years, I grew daffodils, dahlias and tulips, along with irises and roses. I would grow them by the hundreds and made many co-workers and friends in my neighborhood quite happy with my bouquets that I would fashion for them.

When my lovely wife and I moved to Silicon Valley, I retired from the newspaper business, in which I had been an editor and a publisher. I started a new business that was initially called Fragrant Flower Photography, but with my difficulty enunciating it, especially for visitors from other countries, it proved difficult.

At The Dahlia Garden in Golden Gate Park, a person from Japan pointed to me and called me The Flower Photographer. He and others wanted to pose by my very long and powerful Nikon lens. They took pride in the fact I was using all Nikon gear.

And the name stuck.

Although my main website is Glenn Franco Simmons’ Photography, I interchangeably use The Flower Photographer or The Flower Photographer of Silicon Valley.

My hope is that I take the photography of flowers and blossoms to the next level; from simple photos to fine art. While I’ve been told anyone can take flower photos, I don’t think just anyone can take fine-art flower and blossom photos. It is a painstaking process of trial and error. I hope you like my photos.

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July 22, 2017


I disagree that anyone can take a photo of a flower. It requires skill to show off the minute details that make blossoms so beautiful. But now I am curious to see Silicon Valley and its the pic!

July 21, 2017


As an expat - and Florist - from Switzerland, I never thought I'd see such amazing floral sceneries in Northern California. The pictures you took capture those incredible springs we get a round here. I can't wait to see more of your work.

Kind regards,
Sven Anders
Swiss flower delivery

April 16, 2017



April 07, 2017


Thank you all for your kind comments.

April 06, 2017


You have amazing images, congratulations...

April 06, 2017


Nice! Beautiful photos... I adore flowers too...

April 05, 2017


I love flowers too and love taking photos of them. Your yellow flowers are gorgeous and remind me of the Poppy field that popped up in our neighborhood park this year! We just took a trip to Anza Borrega desert because the wildflower bloom is the best in 30 years. Yay for rain in California!! Keep up the good work.

April 05, 2017


Nice !

April 05, 2017


Yes, there are a few of us in the San Jose area who enjoy our flowers. Your image above looks like it was taken near Cottle / 85. Nice shot.

April 05, 2017


We are practically neighbors. I took this few days ago. Amazing spring we have this year.
 Green meadow with yellow mustard flowers 

April 05, 2017


You have some good images Glenn :)

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