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I have two different type of emotions after again one submitted flower shot gets refused.

Explaination is: this is a very well covered subject in our data base or the subject of your image is too specific. This one sentence can say it all.

Firstly I am sad, secondly it makes me think that there is no point to post any other flower photo in the infinite future. Why? Because there are two types of flower photos. Ones that are very common flowers and are well covered like roses (990 pages up in DT).

© Gomcse

Secondly there are flowers that are so rare that there are only few images online or none online.

There is no point in making another red rose shot - this I understand.

But sadly there is no point in uploading rare flowers and filling the holes in database, beacause images that fill holes are too specific. (African daisy gives 12 pages in search) and one of my african daisy images got rejected because it was too specific image.

What is you experience with flower photography? Do you get somthing approved or is it too late to add any new flower photos to database? What are your thoughts?

© Sirup

Photo credits: Anderson5ca, David Hernandez, Sirup.

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I beleive that flowers are always different, unless you have several close ups- I was advised to stay away from flowers and animals..... is this true?


I have never had flower illustrations accepted, either. You could always try flower illustrations, though!

Here is one of mine, of a flower that does not grow in my area (it is native to England, I believe - I have just seen photos and read a book in which it is a symbol), a scarlet pimpernel:

 The Scarlet Pimpernel 


But there are never enough pictures of flowers...


You can see my opinion on this in my own blog here At Last!

Not many flower submissions are accepted.


I sure keep trying sometimes and maybe I can get up some more :)

I have to say thank you to Dreamstime for allowing flower photos to be submitted.


"... that there are more profitable subjects waiting to be filled."

I agree with Brad check the latest section specially the latest & downloads & keywords search. It's amazing!

Anyway look at the good part Markogt at least some of your roses & flowers are online for such a difficult subject it's an acheivement.


I don't bother anymore after a round of recent attempts... I would agree with the editors, though, that there are more profitable subjects waiting to be filled.


Comment by Marilyngould on May 23, 2009
From my experience, it does seem that it is difficult to get flower images approved unless they are exceptional to what is already available in the database...........

Yes,I think so,I agree with the views of Marilyn.


From my experience, it does seem that it is difficult to get flower images approved unless they are exceptional to what is already available in the database. I have been fortunate to have a few accepted -- 9291961 and 9181007, most recently. However, I have received my fare share of the “Well covered subject” rejection notice. Now I submit flower photos only after I have painfully scrutinized my work for any technical flaw and researched the database to view what is currently available for that subject. If you love to shoot flowers then do not give up, but you will have to reach beyond what is already available to gain approval. Take note that there are some stock sites that state up front that they will not even consider flower photos, here at DT the editors are open minded enough to allow flower photos to be submitted. Again, if it is what you love to shoot, then do not give up, but, be prepared that there are many good flower shots and that it is a “well-covered subject“. Good luck!

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