Flower Story

Flower is so common in the nature & normally we just ignore their existence even though they accompany with us everywhere.

We seldom care much what condition they grow up during the period from seeds to blossom, but just sigh with motion how beautiful they are in the period of blooming. However, most of them only live in the unattractive area such as roadside, tank or even the dirty swamp. They just try best to catch the supply they can get from nature and thrive against the bad conditions of possible external environment.

When we see their bright-colored and gorgeous appear, how we can know it’s not so easy for each bloom, like sunflowers, they always run after the track of sun moving just for the purpose of facing towards sunlight; Lotus, live in the silt but not contaminated, they are so pure and exquisite…

Flowers, they decorate our life to be more colorful, and also let us to be more positive to face our lives.

Photo credits: Toneimage.

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Very beautiful flower!
Good shot!


Very Nice Photo.

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