Flowers do sleep, and fill niches! :)

This is my advice, to all the bees on earth:

Don't waste your energy doing your job at night!

First because it's much harder to fly in the dark,

but overall, you'll find lots of flowers closed!


for the photographers who hardly close eyes,

it can really be worth it staying up all night

and bringing your torchlight out..!

That's what I figured out, on my first attempt to photography a very common topic: flowers.

And that's the story I'm about to tell you :)

Flowers are beautiful, and quite photogenic, plus they don't move when wind is nice: Nice!

Yes. The thing is, as a matter of photography, You, and I might not be the first ones to a choose a flower as model!

I tried, submitting a picture of flower, and I thought coming with a special one,

as mine had a cute baby snail exploring its wet petal...

© Blur
Still, it seemed not beeing new enough, or my baby snail was too small to be noticed... : Rejected!

I was happy though, to discover a reason of rejection I never encountered before and a good advice:

"We have too many similar images already. Please perform a search on the subject before uploading,

to see what is already online and where to fill niches."

Fill niches! That's a brilliant idea!

© Derocz
I am rather new in submitting my pictures on Dreamstime (first uploads in Jan 2011), and am still in the process

of making tries on every topics (which may not help my sales, but gives me fun! :)

And as I don't have all the time, experience and equipment to compete on standards,

focusing on niches is certainly very good choice!

I didn't want to give up totally on flowers and started to think about what kind of niches could flowers fill,

what lead me to the question: in which situation aren't we used to see flowers?

I then remembered that night we went with my girlfriend to close the big gate outside, somewhere in Normandy,

and surprised a cute bunch of daisyflowers in the middle of sleep!

I already took a snapshot at that time, with the torchlight as only light, and it remained a magical instant!

I found the photo back, but quality wasn't good enough, so I decided to go back, alone in the dark, with camera and torchlight!

Laying on the fresh and already wet ground, I tried myself on some light painting with the torchlight,

and even discovered another magic phenomenom: the dewdrops that form just on top of grass like shiny pearl!

Picture was not accepted at my first try, what gave me another lesson:

if a picture doesn't render totally our intention, it's not always lost,

we can still improve the mood of a picture afterwards

with photoshop (or the gimp, actually :)

That's how I decided to add some stars and a moon, so that we really realize this picture was taken at night,

and give it a surreal mood, like it happens in dreams..!

And... here is my result!

I like it, it makes me very peaceful looking at it.

Someone else already liked it (1 download on first day!), and I want to thank him/her to pick my pic

and give me motivation to write this first blog and continue filling niches! =)

I hope you like it too, and it gives you sweet dreams!

After searching Dreamstime,

I think this picture really was a "niche idea",

because if we find some pictures of flowers at night,

they are all incredibly awake!

Flowers are living beeing and they actually do lots of things!

But they are so slow most of the time, that we tend to forget about it...

Photography is a fantastic tool allowing us to stop the time,

and thus helping us catching the pace of virtually anything, including slow things like flowers..!

So let's slow down a bit, open eyes, and the marvel of nature may overcome our dreams!

Happy dreams, and thank you for reading! :)

- Jean

For more info about flowers sleep:

And a cool idea of making a flower clock, the scientist Carolus Linnaeus got in the early 19th century:

Photo credits: Monika Wisniewska, Mindy Chung Wai Meng, Bowie15, Creator76, Roman Dekan, Freephoton, Kydriashka, Madartists, Marilyn Volan, Max5128, Nikolai Sorokin, Pichayasri, Roman Milert, Rguadeluppe, Robert Ruggiero, Michel Van Loon.

Your article must be written in English



Thank you for sharing..


To Digikmer:

Thank you for your message, contrasting this idea of "niche"!

That's true, not all niches are good ones, especially when it comes to sale pictures.
Choosing to target niches here can be risky in terms of acceptance ratio.

The reason why some topics or ideas don't appear is sometimes none of the picture dealing with them got accepted or sold!
But not always: it can still happen nobody ever had the idea, or nobody took the time, or nobody found the appropriate equipment or technique to achieve this picture!

And then, beeing the first coming with it can ensure your pictures great sale if the idea is good, because you won't have so much competition on it yet!

With experience, some intuition, and good technique, I think it's possible to keep a reasonable AR, and still come with different pictures.

There are way more to say about "niches"!

Looking at definition is often helpful and here is what dictionary says:

a. A situation or activity specially suited to a person's interests, abilities, or nature: found her niche in life.
b. A special area of demand for a product or service

It's fun that one of the primary meaning of 'niche' in french is litteraly 'dog house', which makes it meaning close to 'nest', comfy nest that might protect golden eggs! :)

I hope everyone can find the niche that suits him/her!

The perfect niche would probably be the one not too small to get sales and be accepted here,
still small enough so that you can fill it easily with the skills you acquired working on this niche, to become king/queen of your niche and no competitor can enter that easily in!

Uploading lots of classical topics, that proved to sale not too bad, with way more of other pictures already on the market may assure you better acceptance ratio and more assured sales. I understand people who chose photography as main job may not want to take too much risks too often!

I still wanna cheer you up if you feel like taking the risk exploring a new small niche of your own!

I like your pictures by the way! And isn't your best sold picture so far, "court room", in a kind of niche?

Only 5 pages in search if you type "court room"! Court rooms are not accessible to anyone, still very present in people's mind and society: that's a very good niche for pictures, I think!

Bonne continuation à toi et merci encore, bien amicalement! ;)


To Marilynv: Thank you for making this "man reaching stars" picture! I chose it in a second for this paragraph: very good and catching picture, designers already found it!


For the "niche" matter, looking for it, is not so secure as well in terms of rejection. As there is background of sales, the rejection reason can be "Image subject is too specific or niche-oriented". I am exploring topics in with I can submit pictures. I learn everyday and try to keep my AR above 50% ;) Un petit bonjour amical du "bas-pays" !


Thank you for choosing one of my images for this! Very creative and fun blog. I like your final image too!


Thank you! I really enjoyed writing this first article and am very glad you liked, or even loved it! It was also very fun & interesting to find (or sometimes not totally find) the best pictures that go with it, and see dreamstime from the other side!


I LOVED your article!! And I also loved your final night time picture!! Awesome!!


nice pics


Nice blog! Thanks for sharing!


Lovely article!

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