Flowers in our life

What flower is your favorite?

This question I have got some days ago from one of my friend. I admit it was hard for me to answer it. I love flowers and they are always in our flat, of course much more in summer.

I love to make photos of flowers and with flowers. But I also love to watch images with flowers. I have seen many beautiful images in DT with flowers. They are used in so various ways, these images show how flowers are a beautiful part of our life. That

Flowers in our life

I want to pick up flowers in balcony, flowers in wellness concept, flowers with people, flowers like a decoration, flowers in fantasy and mystical images... etc. I have started to search for them and I must say they are many gorgeous photos with flowers. You are welcome to see my flower collection that will grow day by day.

So what is YOUR favorite flower? I love many of them: roses, dandelions, sunflowers, lilac, gladiolas, daisy etc. However one flower I do like best - lily, esp. pink and white lily. I have found that lily is called a mystical sword and as I love mystical topics, as you know, so it is a really perfect flower for me. :-)

I wish you as beautiful day and time as is a your favorite flower.

Photo credits: Starblue.

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Being a fella, I was never the type for flowers, other than giving them to my lady friends. But one flower remained special to me from my first visit to the African Continent. I was travel across Tunisia and my first moment outside Tunis airport, I was sold a jasmin pin (buds of jasmin on a palm needle). I piad one dinar for it, and the happy pedlar stuck the pin between my left ear. Loving the scent, I left it there, inbeknowst of the olden custom that it signifies a man looking for a wife. Anyway, to cut this already long story short. I set out to find a jasmin bush as I was enchanted by the fragrance. I found it on my second last day along Yasmin Hammamet while strolling the marina. I hope to return this year (InshAllah, as the tunisiens say God willing) to visit this fabulous land, when I will again enjoy the fragrance of this tiny , simple , immaculate flower that symbolises purity and love.


I feel that smell scent flowers, very exquisite!


Beautiful flower images.


You have fantastic gorgeous images of flowers, very original presentation.
As for me the flowers bring me a lot of joy and beauty, I wish I could always have a fresh bouquets everywhere in my house and every day. All flowers is beautiful, but I like the most simple field flowers because of its freshness, different range of colors and simplicity. And I love orchids for their exotic.


what can I say... as usually very beautiful and tender)
My favourite is "Love for you"


what a beautiful pics!! I love white roses :) but I love all flowers


very relaxing and beautiful photos!


It's beautiful photo.


Rozenn - thanks for your nice comment, esp. it is nice to see your "list" of falowers. I like it and you are right, we are spoiled by nature :-) "Frantab01" - thank you, so I wish you an orchid day :-) David, I wish you a wonderful work with flowers :-)


orchids are my fave, beautiful port you've got :)


Lilies for their fragrance - beautiful in a hallway, roses for their delicacy, tulips for their elegance, cherry blossoms for the coming of spring... we are spoiled for choice with nature!


After seeing yours I could throw my hand in. They are truly excellent and full of creativity and wonderful execution. David.


Desislava, I can understand what you mean. My friend had the same feelings, I - on the other hand - I like the intensive scent of beautiful lilies. And I love them all :-) Freesies are very popular here as well. Thanks for your nice comment!


Lovely images, Jitka! Wonderful collection!
I love almost all the flowers and especially the aroma of freesias! I have problems only with lilies, the more beautiful they are, the more headache they cause me.


As usual great images, and a lovely collection.


Hi Jitka, this is a beautiful collection you have. I'll have to start taking some flower images I think ;) I love lilys they are so beautiful. I also love freesias, jasmine and honey suckle for the scent of their flowers. Have a great day, Carol :)


Very beautiful images with flowers you have in your portfolio.I dont have a favorite flower but i have someone with me who love all flowers:))
Your style of your photos it is very special:)Congratulations!


Hi, Jitka
Yes, I also like the lotus and the tulip, I have shot some peony flowers, but not through the review ....Ready to shoot again this year.


Beautiful collection!


Maen - I remember your message when you have told me about it and believe me - it made my day :-) I wish you that any time you watch the image, you get a good mood :-) I wish you a wonderful time
"Liinqong" _ i admire your images with lotus, it is beautiful flower and you have made beautiful images with lotus! I wish you a great day!


Nice shots!
I have seen many beautiful flowers in your collection,I like the peony, it is China's national flower.


From your portfolio I've never been able to choose which is my favorite really! But my favorite from your flowers is the orchid & your image 11583725 is already in a frame in my house! :)
These are beautiful also... Keep up the great work and Good luck :)


And they are the first ones, I want to continue to add more and more iamges :-) Many tahnks for your comment!

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