Flowers tips

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Flowers is the most well converted subject on DT but still this topic is not closed for new fresh one view, but how to look on flower to see something new? I have some tips for searching fresh view in this subject.

First change the perspective of looking on it. View from top is to usually maybe look at it from lower or even “ant” perspective it should give some unexpected new impression.

Second create some visual effect by your self, don’t wait for rain take it with your self on walk, plastic water spray bottle for example, also don’t wait until the wind will stop take some shots with “long open lens” (have no idea if right this correct if not correct me).

© Zmiy
Everybody knows that flowers likes diffuse light, so shooting indoor flowers you can use natural sun light behind the window, if it to bright simple white curtain will diffuse the light just right enough. And of course flowers looks very well on white or black backgrounds (best if they are isolated).

Here are some of tips that I learned from books, internet, observation. If you have some of yours sheared with us so we could experiment.

Photo credits: Shawn Low, Irabel8, Joel Calheiros, Nikola Bilic, Ioana Grecu, Igor Smichkov.

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