Flu bug

Before I get any further I want to give one little bit of advice. Wash your hands.

Because this strain of Flu has never been seen before and because it has gotten the attention of the CDC, it is the news topic of week.

What really amazes me is how small the world has become.

I know at Dreamstime we have members from all parts of the world and that's what makes it such a diversified community.

But a lot of the interaction is done electronically.

As we see how this Flu is spreading to all parts of earth it shows how much we really do interact with each other.

You think we could get along a little easier but I won't get into that.

So to stay healthy, Wash your hands often and stay away from people that are showing signs of being sick.

Photo credits: Dave Willman.


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Great advice Dave, And don't forget, cover your mough when you cough.


I have not had a cold or the flu in over 10 years and my husband is always bringing one home because he's a teacher. I think it's because.. I wash my hands A LOT!!!!


Frequent hand washing is one of the easiest things we can do to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, thanks for the reminder Dave. In addition, we commonly touch public surfaces such as handrails, doors, and shopping carts -- remember to keep your hands away from your face after contact with these surfaces and wash your hands as soon as possible. :)


My best friend and weekend playmate works at the CDC! Maybe I need a new best friend...I always pick her brain about things going around and I know they train a lot for epidemics and pandemics. I won't shake her hand this weekend, even tho she's not a "lab rat" anymore.


true, i'm a nurse working on a infection control and my hands are raw red after a 12 hour shift! it is as important for people not in hospital, as for people in the hospital i reckon


I am a bit worried myself because the news are alarming. At least this is how TV channels present the situation. It is difficult to avoid people especially in a crowded city where you have to go to work and stuff.

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