Flu Season

It seems that this year the northern half of the United States is getting a late run of the Flu season.

It's bad enough when we as adults get sick because aside from trying to get well again it seems almost impossible to do anything else.

The flu can turn a simple math problem into an intense thinking procedure.

But when little children get sick it really breaks my heart. they are so innocent that it just doesn't seem fair that they should have to deal with it.

I am hoping that as the winter leaves so will the flu bug. I have seen enough of that beast this year and so far have escaped it's grip.

Wouldn't it be great if it never returned?


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March 16, 2009


Oh my, so that means I'm not the only one, since a week Im having trouble with this flu, Its so odd in the office, with running nose, flu is punishment.

March 16, 2009


I'm with you there! so many out there with the flu including myself!! horrid little bugger!

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