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One of the biggest things that fascinated me while travelling was food and its production. When I was in Asia, I got to see tea plantations, rice paddies and countless markets. In South America it was coffee, cocoa, olives and wine grapes. Here in Canada I think we give very little thought about where our food comes from, and what is happening to it. We are either trapped into not being able to afford it, or we are so enamoured with eating the newest thing (and of course Instagramming it). I always wonder how something that is a basic human need became trendy and so talked about on one side of the coin, but discussed so little when it came to the lack of.

In your country, what is it like?

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November 28, 2014


Just as you see in Asia, there are same scenery in my country. I like it.

August 30, 2014


I really like the pictures of your gallery. Congratulations


August 28, 2014


Angela, very good blog, but beware, your photos can be downloaded from here very easy WITH NO WATERMARK! Just a right click and save as... The resolution is good for web banners pages. I don't use this crop tool because I am afraid of thieves. They must just crop and cut out your name from bottom...

August 23, 2014


Brilliant pictures!
Ukrainian tradition, as you probably may know, is that lots of people of any professions (teachers, engineers, artists) have some ground areas to grow vegetables and fruits by themselves for their families, so mostly all people understand the origin of the main food ingredients

August 22, 2014


Well, in the US is pretty much up to the people to get informed and eat right. Although there is a growing trend towards organic foods, we are a long way from eating healthy. A big part of the problem is the food industry and government that only care about profits.
The documentary "Food Inc." is a good eye opener on the subject.

Amazing pictures!

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Photo credits: Angela Ostafichuk.