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Having always put aside a % of my stock earnings to animal welfare NGOs, this time is a bit different. I recently got an entry accepted to the assignment, if by any chance it gets to one of the top 3 positions, the prize money will go to BETA :)

BETA (Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is currently going through crisis. I quote:

"Our shelter, the only official refuge in the country caring for hundreds of dogs and cats is facing one of its biggest challenges to date: In 10 days, our animals will starve!

This is the ugly truth; with 500 dogs and 150 cats to feed every month (which requires the amount of $10.000/month), the animals are faced with the risk of starvation if we do not pay our food provider who has been patient for too long!

This crisis is caused by 4 major factors:

- Scarce donations due to the political turmoil in the area and due to the fact that animals are still seen as a secondary issue that can be looked into once there's more stability in the country.

- People forgetting all about the animal they rescue once they feel he/she's safe, and the shelter becoming a dumping ground.

- The big number of animals (amounting to 650) who require medical care, spaying/neutering, vaccination, de-fleaing and food...

- The number of adoption requests decreasing with the rise of new groups who have very low adoption standards.

The situation is critical, and the same animals we have taken a vow to protect and care for might face a horrific fate if we do not come up with $40.000 within the next 10 days."

Here's a link to BETA's Fb page: BETA if you want to learn more about this NGO or help the animals.

I already donated to help with the 10-day deadline and I'm rooting for my assignment entry to win for the additional funds!

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February 02, 2017


Very nice. Good luck!

February 01, 2017


Thanks, now working towards helping move 10 cats to the US: LINK

February 01, 2017


This is a nice intention :)

August 23, 2016


Always a good thing to do something good, its always best to do our best to acquire such a noble aim. Hope you reach that aim and good luck for now and later :)

July 12, 2016


Thanks for those who voted and congrats to the winners :) From now on, if I ever get a winner in an assignment, the prize money will be for animal welfare NGO's!

July 01, 2016


I voted, good luck!!

June 28, 2016


Good luck!

June 18, 2016


Good luck Eliane, I hope you do well. Brilliant image. Take care x

June 15, 2016


Thank you all :) Here's a good update!
@Qiwoman01: yes it counts as soon as entries get accepted, which I always thought of as a bit biased towards the oldest accepted photos, no?

June 15, 2016


Love the street performer photo! I was wondering if we vote on an image now, does it count, anyone know? I wasn't sure if we needed to wait until voting is announced. Thanks!

June 14, 2016


I voted! Good luck!

June 13, 2016


already added !

June 13, 2016


Good luck :-)

June 12, 2016


This really is the nicest community :)

June 11, 2016


I will also vote for your image.....and if i have some money i will provide to beta..

June 11, 2016


Great. I will surely vote for you.

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