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Stock photography is supposed to be serious business, right? Where you have bring well dressed businessmen in dark suit sporting spotless neckties, a finger hovering around in the air drawing an increasing bar graph? Or maybe pressing a button on a touch screen that strikes a deal? Or maybe shaking hands?

Not really! I decided to dedicate today to some research and searched some random words and looking into the most downloaded photo, I found strange things.

Yeah, business persons with a hand in the air and a tie do sell great. That's a fact, but the database is almost saturated with those types of photos. If you have followed the message boards, there has been an intellectual assault on the top stock contributor's works. I didn't participate, but I have been a silent reader all through. I already have satisfactory (in my views) exposure, thanks to more than 4 of my articles in the blogs section under the "most useful" category. So I have studied the biggest port on Dreamstime through a few other eyes.

Can you imagine doing Yuri Arcurs uploading a photo of "mice doing laundry"? Or "chameleon businessman"? Probably not. But you can. I AM, in fact, going to produce some hilarious and crazy stock soon. It is worth it because that stuff seems to sell as good as people photos if they are attractive.

People photos don't "sell great" unless you're really good at it. There are more doctors on Dreamstime than there are patients in the real world...everything from zombie doctors to vampire doctors. So why bother? Portrait photography is too hard for me to try. I am yet to become that good. No use uploading amateur shots...better not upload at all. (some might not agree)

So I'll be coming up with conceptual, preferably bright photos with an amount of humor. And some other things which I'd not share. ;)

Another recent development has been my opening a Facebook page for my photos: Facebook page

I hope some future customers do click a like on there and I have their attention for future sales. You may like to join in there too. :)

(I guess DT has no objection to my putting a link to my page here. I'm exclusive here and I don't sell by myself - any and every sale I get is going to be through Dreamstime only)

Some of my "conceptual" and "utility" stock + some backgrounds I hope would sell good:

Thanks to the regular readers here for making me feel like writing often. :)

Coming up: An article on channel specific noise reduction in HDR

Photo credits: Cathy Keifer, Pratik Panda.

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February 26, 2013


Nice article!Congrats!

February 06, 2013


Loved your article thank you so much.

February 05, 2013


Nice article! Great info for new contributors here on DT to think conceptually and to think outside of the box for their stock photography. (And, yes, being here only about a year and a half, I still feel like a new contributor and have a lot to learn! I bought my first camera a few weeks before joining DT and the forum here has really helped me get started.)

February 05, 2013


Interesting reasoning, it would be interesting also to know which keywords have been sold so far your "Chamaleon Businessman".

February 04, 2013


Great blog, I hope to see soon your new images and concepts.

February 04, 2013


I am sure that such hilarious images are going to sell well as they can be used in multiple situations, congrats!

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