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It happens to me from time to time. I take shots and put images to my hard disk to process later, but then I have no time for a week or so. Or something attracts my attention and I took new shots and completely go mad on them and so, old ones stay forgotten.

And so, I decided to start March with careful inspecting my HD instead of taking new photos. And it turns out to be a good idea since I found couple of dozens photos quite suitable to be uploaded on DT. And so, I processed them and uploaded and most of them have been just approved.

I would like to say that it makes sense to inspect your HD from time to time. Some interesting photos may be kept there forgotten.

Like these ones which I re-discovered lately:

Photo credits: , Igor Sokalski.

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March 09, 2011


Good point and I have also found that as my post processing skills have improved, new packages obtained etc that pictures that may have had no potential before can now be either altered or improved to make them saleable. So it's certailny worth going back through your HD and see whats' hiding :-)

March 09, 2011


No, it is not safe and that's why I have a camera which is cheap more or less :)

March 09, 2011


I will let the others to send you "congrats" and "great" and I ask you: It's safe to go lonely in the night (Sinatra) with a tripod and an expensive camera to take photos in your location my friend?

March 07, 2011


That´s a great idea!

March 07, 2011


I also do it! Ciao Igor!!! :-)

March 07, 2011


you can also put your photos as screensaver, so you see them once in a while :)

March 07, 2011


great idea.

March 06, 2011


nice pic actually.

March 06, 2011


I do that every couple of months and like you, I always find stuff that I had completely forgotten about!

March 06, 2011


Great idea! i try to do that like every 6 months!

March 06, 2011


Yes, it's definitely a good idea to look again at the photos with a fresh eye sometimes.

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