Formula 1 & Lovely Face

Well past 15 days was really busy, attending Second Abu Dhabi Yachts Show, attending Indian movie premier, meeting Indian movie stars. The busy schedule kept me hooked to DT as usual. You might have viewed my previous images of Indian Actress, I have few more from the series.

Good news: launched my all yachts website, Yachts Arabia. This is a project I launched from my new company.

In DT reached 300 plus images, got a pay check from DT. So many good things, In fact, my current situation is bad, business after starting new company is very low, clients payments are delayed, new projects are not coming through, but my hobbies and desire to achieve my goals kept me busy, and for most of the time I forgot that I'm in little trouble. But thats the way life is, ups and downs, anyways after every darkness there is fresh sun shine with lots of brightness.

Well coming back to my blog, I was fortunate to visit Abu Dhabi Formula 1 circuit. I was with international media people and visited Yas Island, during the visit, I was lucky to be on-board a luxury super yacht, visited the first of its kind golf course in Middle East (DT didn't accept that image). Well its something similar to you find in Scotland and Wales. No artificial tree, golf course by the ocean.

Visited one of the most beautiful hotel in the world, the formula one track runs underneath this hotel, most part of the track is painted blue. Amazing track, wish I will be visiting this year's formula 1 race. The hotel is one of its kind, and hoping lots of downloads from travel industry buyers.

So here is the hotel, and some of the surrounding images,

Here is the formula one stadium with empty chairs

Here is the Dubai Metro, I have started a new photo concept, Dubai Metro take you places, may be some of the images will be featured in DT, if admins accepts it, but its for my next project.

Some of the generic images which was not edited for months, finally found a permanent place in DT database.

Finally the beautiful Indian actress, continued from last uploads,

Hope it wasn't boring blog as usual and a self promotion tool, if it was I'm sorry, but do enjoy my images, next time I will take you to a free tour to UAE, watch out this space.

Photo credits: Creativei.

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March 24, 2010


Wow! Amazing pics!!! Wish you good luck and many, many sales.

March 24, 2010


Thanks for the blog, Altaf!
You were really busy:)
That Formula 1 stadium is so beautiful, no wonder it has found a buyer already)
And I like your site a lot too.
The sings will be better, I'm sure) Just keep doing what you do, you do it well (a lot of "do's" in one sentence, sorry, but this is the point:))
Good luck!

March 08, 2010


Thank you buyer, this two images just go sold,

 Yas Hotel in Yas Marina   Yas Hotel and Yas Marina Circuit 

March 07, 2010


Thanks everyone for the positive comments, I want to thanks everyone who commented on my blog, Thank you so much for the positive energy.

March 07, 2010


wow, if business is bad over there, i hate to think how it is here where wealth is not as easy to come by. my business situation is pretty similar to yours. but then again, everyone hurts since the stock (the other stock.. (the real thing where the money really is , lol ) correction. but i am sure we are set for a recovery... albeit sloooowllly.
still, at least you're where the sun is shining all year round, so you can have lots of free entertainment like we do only 3 months in a year.
and more, you got all those lovely women running around for you to shoot your stock photographs for both editorials and RF.

cheer up my friend, your life is better than us here, lol.
seriously, inchAllah we will all have enough to keep us happy !!!

don't forget there's money to be made shooting Formula 1 races too ;)

March 07, 2010


Wow Altaf, as always some fantastic images, the hotel looks great. I am sure as others have said that your business will pick up, keep going and with your positive attitude things will work out well. PS...Like the website as well.

March 07, 2010


Good luck with your business. If you're as dedicated as you are with your DT contributions, I'm sure it will come good!

March 06, 2010


It's always a pleasure reading your blogs and seeing your new images! I hope everything goes well for you. I'm sure things will soon improve. Take care, Carol :)

March 06, 2010


You already know my opinion about your photos! But I would say it again! they are perfect! Keep up the good work & may Allah be with you ;)
Nice site by the way ;)

March 06, 2010


Hey, Altaf! Your business will soon go up! Cheer up and upload your lovely photos! ;)

March 06, 2010


Hi creativei, I'm sorry to hear your business aren't going very good.All the starts are difficult. However I'm sure it ll be ok soon, It takes a lots of nuts to leave a secure job, with a secure wages,to start a business and you did it!!Just keep going !!! Wish you all the best

March 06, 2010


I love your photos and your positive attitude. Keep shooting, because your blogs are always interesting and informative. I always learn something new from them. :-)

March 06, 2010


Excellent photos!

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