Found Grooving Puppy AGAIN!!!!

In February I found the photo Grooving Puppy on a mouse pad in a Radio Shack just outside of Washington, DC. Well as luck would have it I found the little darling again tonight in a Target store in Millbury, Massacusetts on a Father's Day card by Papyrus. They had put it in a rippled plastic so when you moved the card you saw grooving puppy as the photo appears on Dreamstime and then the puppy's face was turned a different direction and his mouth was open and his tongue was hanging out.


This photo by hannamariah is one of my favorites. It has sold almost 400 times.

My little mutt isn't as photogenic but I have some ideas. Maybe someday one of you will be writing a blog to tell me you found him too.

Photo credits: Barbara Helgason, Betty Copeland.

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Cute dogs! :)


Nice find! I found a calendar in an airport book store with one of my photos in it. I'm always surprised the buyers don't tell you. My parents bought a calendar for just about everyone they knew - more than the EL cost :)




I'd love to find some Dt pictures... I only found a car picture once on a car rental website... Your dog is so lovely, I'm sure he is a great model and he will be on a gadget soon or late ;)


Very cute puppies!


It is a great image.... Incredible.


I would definitely order anything my photos appeared in or on. You must have been thrilled. I get so excited when I see grooving puppy I can't imagine how I'd feel if it were my photo. I'd probably stand in the store and announce to everyone that it was my photo. Could you imagine me standing there offering to sign everyone's Father's Day card. haha!


yes that is a great photo.your baby is so cute.I found my old dog in a book.I had to order it,

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