Four Important Things to Capture at a Wedding

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Weddings are an important occasion. If you have been chosen to photograph a wedding, you have a huge responsibility on your shoulders. You have to be alert and quick to capture all emotions and special moments. You also have to make sure that all images you click are of the best quality. After all, these will be treasured by the newly-weds for years to come.

Wedding photographs obviously include images of the whole ceremony from start to finish. Everything from the bride and the groom getting ready, their arrival at the venue, the first look, the exchanging of the vows and the rings, having fun with the bridesmaids and the groomsmen, to departing after the ceremony is covered.

Here are some things that you must take exclusive shots of.

The Wedding Dress

Usually brides are more excited about their wedding gown than the wedding itself. A lot of planning and months of waiting go into getting the wedding dress of her choice. The bride will be thrilled if the shots of her wedding dress come out perfect.

This is easier said than done because wedding dresses are usually white and can either appear ad a bright mass or a dull gray in photographs. You will need to give special attention to lighting, exposure metering and using the histogram feature to capture intricate details on the dress.

Do ask the bride what her favorite part of the dress is. Perhaps she loves the veil or the design of the lace. Be sure to click pictures of what she admires about the dress. The train is the most beloved of all for the brides so never miss out on that.

You can click pictures of the dress while it is hung up high on a hanger against a window. The bright light from the back will outline the dress and you can get a nice silhouette shot. Be careful while handling the dress!


Images of flowers won't look good if the sun shines down on them harshly. Use a reflector to shade the flowers. You can also use it to direct light where you want.

Investing in a macro lens for photographing flowers is a good option. Alternatively, you can use extension tubes for the pictures. Following the ' rule of thirds' works well for such images. The background has to be good too for the best composition.

Speaking of flowers, a wedding will be incomplete without shots of the bride tossing the bouquet. Be well prepared for such shots. Keep clicking in succession as you don’t want to miss out on the expressions on all the faces. Do have a talk with the bride if the toss is going to be a fake one as she might have a candidate in mind to catch hold of the bouquet when tossed. This way you’ll be able to focus on that person.

The Wedding Cake

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The wedding cake is something that most people look forward to. The bride and the groom will be cutting the cake and feeding each other a piece as they step into their new life together. The wedding cake holds a special place in the ceremony and the couple will love to cherish these memories through the pictures for several years down the lane.

Cakes need adequate light to be pictured perfectly. Soft lighting behind the cake will help define the shape and the contours. This will also prevent the cake from blending into the background.

A textured background will create a better composition than a plain wall. Use flowers, lace, cake knives or servers, etc. as extra elements. A blurred background with just the cake in focus will look splendid.

Be sure to photograph the cake earlier when there are fewer guests around. This will also give you the time to set up the lighting.

The Rings

Wedding rings are important as they signify a couple’s union. Moreover, wedding rings usually cost a lot so getting some fine clicks will be a great addition to the wedding album.

You can take close-up shots of the couples' hands as they display their rings. Full length shots of the couple making unique or funny gestures after exchanging rings will also be great. While most couples have such pictures in their wedding albums, you can choose to do something different for your clients.

Try photographing just the rings by placing them against an interesting background. You can make use of candles, lights, flowers, wedding favors, etc. Use a reflective surface such as a piano, glass table or granite counter top to make the composition of the photo interesting.

A macro lens will help you capture the perfect shot. Be sure to take multiple shots using manual focus. Adjust aperture according to light availability. Images should be sharp and clear. Do sharpen the images later on while editing to make the rings pop out a bit.


Talk to the bride and the groom beforehand to find out about their close relatives and friends. Ask if they have any special things they’d like to have photographed. You can make a list of these things so that the couple doesn’t miss out on anything important. It will also help you keep a clear head.

Stock up on additional batteries and memory cards so that you don’t have to worry about running out of these things. Carrying an extra camera or additional lenses will ensure you are well prepared for disasters. Turn the camera to silent mode so that it isn’t making noise as the ceremony progresses.

Remain calm. You don’t want the bride to get stressed out and wonder if she did the right thing by hiring you. Enjoy the priceless moments of a wedding and you are sure to do a fabulous job.

Photo credits: Bellemedia, Alexey Lisovoy, Maria Shevchenko, Olga Vasilkova.

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A nice article summarizing some of the important, but often overlooked, points of shooting a wedding. Tough work, but if you become really good, you can right your own ticket.

Very helpful tips.


I love wedding photos :-)

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