Four Question before online shopping

I do not consider myself as a shopper. I hate to try things on the shop, stand on long lines etc. I love to shop online because it’s easy for me. I spend many at least 6 to 5 hours in a week for online shopping sites. I search good online sites, comparing sales and prices and look photos of different models in order to find out trendy outfits etc.

But, recently I read an article on about shopping online disadvantages. Although the flaws that are mentioned in this article was right like, sometimes the things we saw on pictures are different and in reality, it is totally changed and so many other. So, I am deciding to help you out and tell you some important points about online shopping. So, keep these questions in mind before bidding any order.

•How does this item compare to what I already own?

•Would I spend that same amount in cash, in person?

•Would I spend that same amount in cash, in person?

•What three events coming up can I wear this to?

Hope you understand and consider these points before shopping online.

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July 26, 2017

You might want to proof read your article for grammar and duplicate suggestions.