Four sales in as many days

I haven't been very active on this site for the last couple of months. This is definitely not down to lack of interest or motivation, it's just that real-life had gotten the way for a while. It has given me time to take a step back and re-evaluated the way I work as a photographer. I have learnt a lot over the last couple of months, and hopefully this will show through in my images as I start to upload at a quicker rate again in the foreseeable future.

I have only ever sold one image a month since I joined in May. This was obviously down to me not only being new to this site, but new to photography as a whole. You can only imagine my surprise, when today I have sold my fourth image since the 7th December. Thank you to whomever is purchasing my images. You are the reason I want to become a photographer full-time, not for the money, but for the satisfaction of knowing my images are out there and being used.

King's Road, Chelsea

King's Road Street Sign

Colourful Upmarket London Street

Hovercraft Returning to Portsmouth

Photo credits: Benjamin Rowland.

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January 10, 2016


I like your first photo!

December 13, 2015


Good on you Benjamin. Just keep on uploading more photos and surely you will have more sales...

December 11, 2015


hope you sell them, congrats

December 11, 2015


Congratulations!!! I wish more sales!

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