Fractal art as part of designs

Fractal art is traditionally different from regular illustrations. They can be both vector or pixel but usually special programs are needed to create them. The programs are based mathematical formulations and variations. Mathematicians creates the basis of the simple elements and the designers changes only parameters to get artistic result.

Fractals are sometimes most important part of a design. Nowadays they are widely used even by the biggest product releases and campaigns.

Some softwares that you can use, real long and useful list:


Here are some examples of digital fractal art on Dreamstime:

© Sovpag
© Magann

Photo credits: Jan Kolcak, Murat Cokeker, Dusipuffi, Tyler Boyes, Markus Gann, Sovpag, Tomas Marek.



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March 12, 2009


have to agree, love fractals have been doing them for a few years now and have loved finding them in use, the best being on a movie poster and on a book cover

March 10, 2009


Thanks for the link, would like to try my hand at these, they are definately eye catching and would liven up anyones portfolio.

March 10, 2009


WOW! Thank you for the very useful link! I will try one of the programs!

March 10, 2009


Love fractals! Got hooked on them within the last year and have been trying to play around with different programs. There is some GREAT fractal work out there for sure. I have had a little luck with some of my fractals on microstock.

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