Frankenstein Computer

Yes you read that right a Frankenstein Computer.

We came home last week from vacation to find my computer DOA, and all that left me with was a laptop that is around 6 years old.

I hate the screen on that darn thing so hubby hooked it up to run through my regular 17" monitor.

Well he hated the keyboard, so he also hooked up my wireless keyboard amd mouse. Works great.

But we found out that the mother board on PC was shot, so he took all the memory sticks and the CD/DVD burner and CD player out and put it all somehow in another box and it all now runs through the laptop also, along with another 150GB hard drive that I keep all my photos on.

And to top it all off my 8 year old granddaughter who has special needs has a touch screen that she uses to play educational games hooked up to my monitor.

I've never seen so many wires, cables..... But somehow it all works???

On the down side, it still will not upload any more photos for me.

So on Saturday my hubby is taking my 6GB flash drive to work and upload them from there.

Maybe just maybe, I will earn enough to purchase a new computer by Christmas 2008.

Wish me luck!

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