Fraudulent use?

Some weeks ago I used the "report misuse" feature regarding the following site:


Since then NO answer from site owner, and NO answer from our support.


What to do in such a situation?

Photo credits: Hypermania37.

Your article must be written in English



Looking now at the website there could be an issue with language..hmmmmm


Have you contacted the site giving them links to purchase the images before you take further action? Offer a time frame for them to buy the images such as 7 days.

No one comes back to you after the above action, consider submitting DMCA, on of our fellow members has put all the info on this on his blog here: DMCA

Just a couple of options :-)



DT actually did answer to my report by saying that they had got it, just that there was no further feedback.


I do not understand people who use images with watermark - that makes such a bad impression for professional business!!! I totally agree with Diavata!


Going by their banner (I don't speak the language) they are a business of some sort. That makes me wonder (again)... how can a business expect to be taken seriously with watermarked images? That just puzzles me


Seems clear to me that dreamstimes watermark is almost invisible on bright images at least .Maybe its time for them to change it to something that is more evident in order to deter fraudulent downloading by these.....thieves.


Very strange that Dreamstime haven't responded to you yet


Yes, I did it this way @Homydesign


Have you reported it on the new Dreamstime form?


I also have reported images which were mistakenly identified but got newer any response.

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