Free 10-Week Digital Photography Course!

I came across Free Online Classes that I thought some of you might be interested in! Please tell them the KC Camera Club sent you!

During the 10-week structure of the course, students will learn digital photography while working at their own individual skill level. Using the digital camera of their choice, they will explore lighting, color, texture, composition, and other subject matter to achieve a solid grounding in both technical and creative photographic processes.

Sharing for those who are interested in this. Many of you might be familiar with this already :)

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You can find more info at:

Free 4-Week Photography Course

Training Calendar

People attend these workshops from all over the world. It start at 11AM mornings in Seattle. More info about time zone is given on their website.

Hope you will like this info sharing!

Photo credits: Oliskr.

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September 06, 2009


Very useful! Thanks a lot for sharing!

September 04, 2009


That sounds great!
However, it will be 8 in the morning where I live... time of heavy traffic with getting the kids ready for school, etc... Too bad, I'll wait until they get online...
:( Thanks anyway!

edit: it must be the early morning right now LOL.
I read all wrong, it will be evening here when class starts!
Great, I'll sign up!!

September 03, 2009


Cheers! I'll have a look :0)

September 03, 2009


thanks for the info

September 03, 2009


Thank you for the info!

September 03, 2009


Thank you that is useful. Cheers ;)

September 03, 2009


thanks!! checking it out :)

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