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I like giving away free images. It's a pity most of my photo's are too recent on D to give away the lot of them.

It's satisfying to see these free photos all the sudden being downloaded.

I couldn't believe my eyes: a couple of photos, never being downloaded before, were in no time - as freeware - downloaded 1046 times.

I wondered why. You can't say that D sells the photos too expensive, photos are sometimes sold for cents.

But I stopped looking for a reason.

I'm very happy that these photos can be of some use. I discovered that it isn't the selling that gives me a kick, it's that my photos are being downloaded.

Photography is fun!

Photo credits: Jmarijs.


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December 22, 2008


Lots of people come looking for free images, and i think one of the big things with microstock is that the price step is quite small. it's not so easy but you can convert the "i'm NOT paying ANYTHING" into people who are willing to part with a few dollars.

Personally i make a large chunk of my business out of providing images for free, but you can't do it with all your images, and I don't do it with images that took a lot of time to make or are hard to find.

The ones to give away are those similar to those already available for free online, not those that are more exclusive, these can be used to squeeze some money out of those with tight wallets!

December 18, 2008


you are right! I also think like you .. but I entered in August and is early to give images ... I'd like even more, to know who has bought and for what .. but buyers are invisibil.Perchè they do not write us two lines to say how they use them ..? would be nice ..

December 17, 2008


I like "Photography is fun!".

December 17, 2008


Same feeling here, but you know people can afford few cents to buy the images, but we cant help. good the images are of some use.

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