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Ever tried to sell an image with a strawberry?

Tough, around 21000 images out there.

Mustard seeds?!

Not much luck either. So after one year I set them free. 2 images(on the left) got me 40 downloads (free), just over the half of my sales. These two maybe not the best but they are probably not that bad either. I’m kind of happy that someone thought it was worthwhile looking and hopefully few last sales come because of that :))

Nice day and kind regards,


P.S. What is a record downloads for a free image out there???

Photo credits: Lane Erickson, Virgil Naslenas.

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You can dissable free files,but a bit of exposure is not a bad thing I guess, kind regards

Its good to know that you can - Thank you.

I totally agree - the exposure is always good and if the sales are driven back from that - then that is also a benefit.

Happy free downloads and sales boost assosiated from that !


You can dissable free files,but a bit of exposure is not a bad thing I guess, kind regards


I Decided to put 3 of my photos up for FREE as they have no sales in the past - so last night I did so !
Within 12 hours I have seen over 30 FREE downloads for my Pencils.
Also made a TIFF sale today - coincidence ?

Just a couple of questions -
Can the images be taken back off FREE area ?
Apart from the exposure is there maybe a payment after 500 FREE downloads ?


I put all my rejected pictures for "too many in our database etc" to let them go to the free section. In the meantime, I always checked the box "if not qualified, I accept to be published as free" but none of them are selected as free. Are they any criteria to be free pictures (out of the quality issues) ?


Good luck, let's see if you get any sales of these iages, before they go to the free setion.


I have to search in my old pictures... Good idea!


I have only one picture in the Free section and it has been downloaded 58 times.


I should start uploading free images too:). Thanks.


That´s great!!! I also have free images available. Good luck! It´s always a great promotion to have some free images available. ;)

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