"free images" doesn't help much

First of foremost,this is not a thread that complaining the DT's policy.This "free images" might help a lot of photographers,but it doesn't seem helpful to me.

After giving out free images,downloads increased but sales doesn't.

I had a few images uploaded simultaneously with the free images,and the view count remain the same,which is low.

Why is that?

Photo credits: Ryan Carter, Zimmytws.


free image low

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August 27, 2009


I think part of the benefit of offering a free image is found if you have other images in your portfolio that are keyworded with close matches. I have one free photo and when you click on it you see about 15 of my photos for sale. In your case I think you have too small a portfolio to get that benefit - you don't get any free advertising out of it. That said - I really have no way to tell if it helped my sales. I have also noticed that google searches turn up the free photos, which may draw people to the site, as Tara says.

August 27, 2009


yes, i also noticed that donating 4 free images hasnt given me any additional sales, but i dont mind as i also purchase photos on the site and do utilize the free images often in my work. i'd say that as a buyer the free images help keep me on the site.

August 26, 2009


You better ask the viewers or the support!
I advise you to be patient!
Cheers ;)

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