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Hi, after completing one year with DT, I have the option to give away some of my images for free. These images were never useful for any buyers since one year, I tried to promote it through blogs and re-keywording those images, but never got noticed by any potential buyer, so I thought lets give it away as new year gifts, this might bring some people to my portfolio and they might find some other images interesting. And also doing so, I will give back something DT who gave me an identity and some pocket money for my hobby.

And do you believe most of these images in portfolio was offered as free in one of the site which I would not mention here as I hate the admins of that site for asking for some my friends (girls) mobile number in order approve my images as kick backs, and after I wrote some blogs about that site and the incident my account was deleted. I'm glad they did that as today I'm waiting for my 5th payment.

These images were which went free today

3919660 and 3913250 check for these images in free section or visit my profile, may you guys will have some use of it.

These are my other images will go for free in coming days,

Photo credits: Creativei.

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January 13, 2009


The images which were donated for free section was downloaded 215 times just in few days, wow really unbelievable, so lots of people are on the free section I guess.

January 11, 2009


Yeah Rebecca, I liked one of your free image the pink background, that's really nice.

January 11, 2009


heya, 2 of my images were accepted recently to the free section, and they have both been downloaded more then 300 times each... so i'm sure all of the above images will definitely be useful to many people! I hope this bring you more sales too!

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