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Free images section. Worth it? (long story short)

Today I received from Dreamstime an email notification about my images that was 3 years without a sold.

I went there and saw many i took in Norway and left some for free section.

One of them was a bit difficult, because I saw potential in be sold.. Then I left it..

Road in Norway Trollstigen

4 hours later, this foto has been sold, with a profit of 9.10 dollars.

If I had let it on the free section, it would had gave no profit.

It is like look to the moon and feel hunry, in other words, has no sense or meaning... just luck, but happened.

Photo credits: Maxwell De Araujo Rodrigues.

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November 07, 2015


Pandora849 Serendipity is now a new word on my vocabulary :)

November 07, 2015


Rather ironic, yes, this venture is a combination of skill and serendipity, happy coincidence.

November 06, 2015


Haotian, I don't think either... but I am a buyer too, and I understand that must get rid of images that are not selling any after 3 or 4 years.

November 06, 2015


I think the free section is a slow, not usually too effective way of promoting your portfolio. If I'm guessing correctly, it's to attract users of that section to ultimately check out your full portfolio. Personally I transfer those unsold things there most of the time, but whatever I still has a chance, I would leave it in the main portfolio.

November 05, 2015


TMarchev, as a graphical designer as you are and photographer. I now am foccused in concept CONCEPT and concept.
What really makes profit in this comunity is sell concept images, so i start to clean up my gallery of those just nice pictures and let only those who tells a story or that can be used for multiple porpouses... like when you put one text above and it says a thing.
I would like to know more about my sales, where they are being selling etc.. this could help me improve sales.. But it's okay, Dreamstime is yet for me the best place for that, I just think we could have more starts about sales.

November 05, 2015


Lmhphotography, thank you :)

November 05, 2015


Great photo!

November 05, 2015


Nice i have 180 free images :) Who care here we never get what need to get :) Enjoy with rain of subscription sales :D

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