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Last months I've tried to promote my portfolio uploading all my images sellecting the point "If this submission doesn't qualify for the commercial stock section, I agree to make it available within the free section (RF-LL license)" and some of my uploads have been refused because they haven’t comercial interest as microstock.

I understand that if refusal is for tecnic reason obviously image has to be refused also as free image, but… if the only problem is comercial interest...

Anyone else has this "problem"?

Photo credits: Antoni Vicens.

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May 05, 2010


Free section images need to meet many of the rules that apply for commercial images like not having logos or other copyright elements in them, having valid MRs, relevant info and many others that is why not all refused images marked for the free section actually end up there.

May 04, 2010


I also ticked that option a few times but my rejected pictures never ended in the free section... not sure why, maybe it's about controlling numbers of free pictures. I notice that free pictures on DT are often very nice, unlike on some other sites. I think a lot of them where donated after they had been available in the commercial section for a while, but that's only a theory. I can't yet donate since my pictures have not been online long enough.

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