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Dear members of dreamstime,

sometimes I am reading, that the additional format was not accepted. You can fix this problem, if you are using the open source program GIMP. It is an image manipulation program and it is free. You can download it on GIMP.org. I had the luck, that until today every eps additional image was accepted by dreamstime. Gimp is able to save the image as an eps. If you have for example a jpg image then you click save as and write simply in the field the name of the image and (dot)eps. I am helping myself that I am putting an e at the end of the image name before the dot, so I am knowing that it is the eps file. With the jpg I am doing the same with the letter j at the end of the image name before the extension.

After you have clicked save as and putted in the correct image name there will open an important dialog. There you have some possibilities to set the eps. I am not changing a lot. I am only clicking preview in the size of 1024 Pixel, then you have for the editors a preview (in German is it "Vorschau") and nothing else. Gimp is so clever that it saves the eps in the right way. The eps format is not only for the illustrators. I have got an advice, that the eps format is also accepted for photographies, because of the clipping pathes. I am not sure what it is a clipping path, sorry, but perhaps I will find it out. But these was the answer of a very helpful fellow here on dreamstime. If you have an additional format the chance to get sales are increasing. And I am glad, that dreamstime has accepted every eps I have send from the accepted images. Try the Gimp out, but take care: Please don't draw images in Gimp, because, if you are drawing something, then it will make jagged and facetted lines. Use it only for the eps and the svg import from inkscape for saving it in jpg, if you have this program! Enjoy it!



Photo credits: Martina Ledermann.

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December 26, 2011


With GIMP you open the jpg or the svg file to save it then in eps?
I have tried with a numer of ways but had no luck...

February 03, 2010


Thank you for the tip!

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