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I'm wondering - why has some of the images ended up in the free section - i've seen alot of very nice strawberry pictures that has been downloaded quite alot - Dreamstimes loses money per free download - but do they gain interest instead, that is more worth - i dunno - but from one point of view I feel DT are shooting themselves in the food by providing good quality free photos.

Photo credits: Thomas Schmitt.

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July 12, 2010


I understand what you guys are saying - but I'm just afraid that people who look in the free section always will be downloading from there -
when the database in the free setion has a big varity of solid pictures there is no need to buy the photos - If there was no free DB there was only one way to gain the photo and that was buying it from a very small amount of money.

July 11, 2010


I`m trying from a month to get one picture accepted in the free section but it`s quite hard over there! I think it`s a good way to promote DT like this and photographers portfolios!
Good job DT!

July 11, 2010


I personally like the free images section, because it´s a great way for promoting my portfolio.

July 10, 2010


1- For DT to do that, the member has to click & agree if the image is unwanted to go for the free section!
2- Free section is also a way to call the attention of the buyer to visit the portfolio of the photographer. Some buyers might look for the free ones & end up liking other photos from the RF.
3- DT data base is big so some subjects are well covered! If you search the strawberry you will know how many the DB is having about it.
4- Not all the images can go to the free section! It has to be an acceptable image to get published!
Don't you prefer your image to be published & might bring you sale than saying it simply rejected?!
5- Yes DT gain sales from attracting buyers to free section, same as the photographers!

Hope this could make it clear. Cheers :)

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