Free Webhosting Yes its totally free.

Finally my promise to offer free website to dreamstime users is here. It took quite a long time to deliver my promise, but finally I managed to deliver it.

Well I have noticed many dreamstime contributors doesn't have their own site. Having your personal site brings in lots of business and attentions and many things.

Now if you want to host a blog site of your own, or a portfolio site, or even a ecom site I have made it much easier. Just register (you need to buy the domain) a domain with CI Web Host Dubai and get free hosting. No there will be no advertisements of my company or anything its a total independent site.

Only thing you will not get is control panel access, as this is a shared hosting we don't have individual cpanel. If you are looking for individual cpanel, then you can sign up hosting service from the same site, that's not free.

Free Setup

Unlimited Webspace

Unlimited Bandwidth

One FTP account

Three email account

1 MYSQL or PostgreSQL Database

Webmails (browser based)

POP3 & IMAP mail clients

The server is pre installed with PHP5, Perl5, Python, Ruby on Rails, MYSQL Database Server, PostgreSQL, and many more.

The above service is absolutely free, visit the website and signup for a domain and get free hosting.

In case you need to design your website, contact me or post a blog there are quite a lot freelance web designer and web developers out here in Dreamstime.

Photo credits: Creativei, Mike Monahan, Nikolai Sorokin, Petra Roeder.


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Thanks Maigi, Yeah this a real generous offer, lets see how it works.


Unlimited webspace, unlimited bandwidth - wow, very generous offer! If I wouldn't have a very cooperative service provider and a great partner, I wouldn't hesitate to join. Maybe one day in a future. Good luck with your service and my best wishes!


Yeah Ting, you could, but there is a catch, this year you can have it, but next year you need to transfer the domain and buy from my site. Anyways you need to pay for domain next year so buy through me next year same domain. :-) and dont guess the answer before i give them :-)))


I have a domain ( not from your site ) ... can I have this ? ( I know the answer : no!!! )


Great service for DT users!


Any time, this offer will be always valid, so anybody wants hosting just buy the domain from my site.


Sound great, and it's a good offer, thank you for your post :) (I'll keep it in my mind, maybe in near future I'll need something like this :)).


My dear friend Ting, Domains doesn't come free, you need to have your own domain. Its like you buy the car and we provide free petrol. we cant give you car and petrol :-)


Then it is not free... we need to buy a domain from your site...


Hi Ting, you just need to buy a domain name from my site, once done I will set up a free hosting package for you. Let me know if you have doubts


It is only a domain or include the "space" ? I am very interested in this !!


Great! I like free stuffs :) very useful to know.


Great! And useful!


could be useful for a proxy server but i think il stick to my host for major projects


Great! Thanks for sharing!
Cheers :)

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