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I have recently got my eyes stuck, like really stuck on some amazing images, you know, those pics that you're not just browsing through, saying "Oh, how nice", but get to carry them along with you, even tell friends about, later on that day, and show them to people like you're bragging about some gem you and only you discovered.

So, in-spite the obvious difficulty of settling down to just five names for this first list, out of a whole lot, I'll briefly highlight my first gems:

Maxim Lupascu

Cheerful man lying in sweet holding marshmallow

Smiling kid holding a DSLR camera in park

Woman holding the bunches to friend

Often, less is more, and Kegfire manages to mix simple compositions with his remarkable skill of working with his models into fresh, powerful images with strong concepts. Oh, and he makes it seem easy.

Razvan Cornel Constantin

Extreme magnification - Human hairs at 20x magnification

Extreme magnification - Cremastinae wasp

Extreme magnification - Weevil, side view

Constantincornel is a true macro wizard, showing us an amazing vast world hidden right under our very eyes, all framed in exquisite compositions.

Anna Averyanova

Dog catching disk in jump

Dog Jack Russell Terrier and Dog Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever .

Dog Toy Terrier for a walk in the park

Simply amazing, heart-warming animal portraits that strike that special chord in every of us animal lovers, Annaav's work is truly inspiring.

Janos Gaspar

Famous Matterhorn peak and Stellisee alpine glacier lake,Valais,Switzerland

Famous royal Peles castle,Sinaia,Romania

Carefree Happy Woman Enjoying Nature on lavender meadow

A true landscape artist, Janoka82 makes perfect landscapes, perfect timing, flawless lighting and composition seem to be the easiest of things.

Also, he makes vacation planning more complicated for everyone who sees his amazing portfolio.

Denis Moskvinov

Child with dog dive underwater in swimming pool

Child, airport, travel, baby, family, vacation, gate, boy, airplane, plane, aircraft, passenger, boarding, departure, summer, wait

Beautiful surfer girl diving under water with surf board

Summer's here, and for so many of us it means sea, sun, vacation, traveling with our loved ones.

Dmosreg captures all these in such a unique way, emphasizing on family happiness, nature's beauty and sunshine and blending them into breathtaking scenes that brighten even the darkest of moods.

Andrei Calangiu
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  • Sangiorzboy
  • Ploiesti, Romania
I am one of the admins here since 2005 and i'm also in charge with training most of our new editors.
I started drawing, like any kid, but found support for that throughout my childhood and eventually went to an art college where i specialized in graphics.
I started studying the photographic phenomena at the University of Fine Arts Bucharest, where i pursued photography as my main media and got in contact with contemporary photography and new media.
Apart from doing this fulltime job, i am focusing on personal projects that i hope to share soon.

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June 07, 2017

Great and beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing!


June 05, 2017

As you write - it's really heartwarming images! I`ve got much pleasure found this pictures in your article and was glad to see it! This images inspires to new achievements! Thank you


June 04, 2017

Inspiring images ... enough to give a wider perspective to photography regardless the topic ...


June 04, 2017

great pictures,thanks for sharing it :)


June 01, 2017

Thanks for introducing us to some photographers we might not have seen for ourselves.
I wish my photos looked that good.


June 01, 2017

Well Done Photos are amazing!