Freshening up your online files

Quirky signpost in Shere, England.

I was editing one of my online files the other day because I'd thought of a better way to describe the photograph. I then went back and had a look at the first few photos I'd submitted and opened edit for each one.

All of them had something that I then changed, either in the description and or adding keywords. I suppose it's normal for some people when they start out and maybe don't quite know the right keywords to use and the descriptions.

I have to confess, I'm over six months in and still have trouble describing the photo and thinking what keywords match the photo. I'm still no expert but I do feel that maybe the newer people (like me) should give their portfolio a look over and see if there's anything you can add or even take out, which could better help buyers find your photo. Are those keywords accurate and do they relate to the photograph?

It's worth a look, you don't have anything to lose but time.

Photo credits: S Walker.

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I'm looking at checking around five a day, leaves time to go out with the camera then.
Also, if you right click on the edit button and open on a separate page, you can edit and then close that page and you will still have the original page left to edit the next file.


Well i know what i am doing this week end ................thanks


Ah, the typos, yes, worth looking just for those.


I did that exact same thing a few days ago.....shortened some titles, altered a few descriptions and deleted or added keywords. I agree it's always worth going back and reviewing your portfolio when you have a few minutes to spare. Even if it's to get rid of the odd typo!


It's absolutely a great idea to think over the description and keywords.
Relevant keywords are essential if you want to sell :-)

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