This Friday...

This Friday, something great is happening

something i dreamed of but never thought could be

something i wanted, but I'd no confidence in my ability

something i saw in others, but never in me

something i cannot let pass by

and if i cant walk through it, i'll learn how to fly!

© Nouubon ( Help)

Will keep you posted!! Very excited indeedy!!

Photo credits: Nouubon.

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September 08, 2008


Come on, Rebecca! Tell us! We are still waiting!

September 04, 2008


So, Friday has come and gone. What was the great event? Did it happen?

September 01, 2008


Hmm.. so what was it?

August 25, 2008


looking forward to the news. This Friday is beer day for me ... lol

August 25, 2008


Why friday? September 1st should be Monday!

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