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The Friday blog: what's the difference between pictures and photographs

Did this question ever come to your mind? What is the difference between a picture and a photograph?

I consider pictures to be all those images we take out on vacations, family reunions, meetings with friends, snapshots that don't require us to think of the composition, lighting, setup or anything else.

Photos on the other hand, are those images that need our photographic talent to be put in motion, we have to think how the lighting will be, if the subject is well lit, if the composition we chosen is harmonious, if the setup isn't too crowded or too empty or unbalanced and if the image has a powerful idea or not.

There are stock images that are so perfect exactly because they are photographic replicas of the family snapshots that anyone can take with the only exception that they are stunning.

© Iofoto
Here is one example, seems like the average family on a beautiful day at the beach, it would've fooled anyone but I would use it in a travel brochure anytime, the light is perfect, not look at your family beach photos, I bet they don't look like that.

However, no matter how perfect the photos I produce are I would never trade my friends and family pictures for them, those are the most dear to me.

Photo credits: Iofoto.

Your article must be written in English

March 10, 2008


I have learnt a lot from your article.

November 05, 2007


You all right, despite I just a amateur photograhp and never take a serius course of photography, I know that just photos can be produced by photographer...

Good theme...

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