Frontier City -----feng huang

in china,there are towns called the most beautiful: one is chang ting in fujian province ; the other is feng huang in hunan province. the small town, full of small lakes, has a long history and rich culture, the population of which are miao. farming culture, chuwu culture and tradional culture get here together, just like a melting pot, forming the local particular culture atmosphere of the old town.

my first impression fenghuang gave us came from a novel called frontier city written by shen chongwen. in the novel, shen not only told us a very beautiful but a little sad story but also showed us a lot of beautiful country pitures deeply rooted in my mind. so, to go to visit fenghuang has become my dream since then.

one day of the late spring, i came to the beautiful old town. stand on the tuo bridge in the east of the twon and you will have a full view of the old town. fenghuang lies among mountians in peace, while the tuo river flows through the old town just like a green lace. the river reflects beautiful nanhua mount and tour boats flou on the surface of the river, with different houses projecting over the water on the banks of it. fenghuang is very pretty in the early morning. the fog walks through the mountain and the whole town quietly like a fairy in white.just now the colour of the mountain is dark, but after a while it changes into light. sometimes you can see it, but sometimes you cannot see it,which forms a wonderful picture with old houses projecting over the water and grey walls.

in the day fenghuang is bustling with noise and excitement. there are a lot of traditional streets, lanes and shops, most of which are made of wood, with different plain designs on window frames. you can buy some souveniers and native products.

fenfguang is charming,especially at night. the moonlight and lamp light are being reflected on the surface of the tuo river, which looks very beautiful. in the street, there are a lot of bars,where men and women can laugh , chat , sing, or dance with music on . you can relax there, listening to music. also you can walk along the street , enjoying the particular flavour the old town gives you .

Photo credits: Jiajianzheng.

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June 25, 2008


Beautiful images!!! Your portfolio has some really breathtaking landscapes and your night shot above is my favorite.
I also like your style of writing, You wrote, "the fog walks through the mountain and the whole town quietly like a fairy in white." That description is so beautiful and poetic.
Lots of luck to you here on DT.

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