Frozen photography

You know, in spite of physical impossibility (although, who said 'impossibility'?) there is a number of time-machines in our life.

Undeveloped films. Lying in a fridge they keep memories from the past being just a piece of stuff in a fridge. Halogenated silver crystals -- can it mean anything? No, it can't.

And then you get the film out of the fridge, develop it, fix it, and wash. You take it into your hands to look at, see pictures and feel... Feel what you felt shooting it. Where were the feelings before? In the fridge? In those damn halogenated crystals?

Yes, physically the process is quite simple. But... but you see the girl which is not your girlfriend anymore or your granddad who has already died or any scratch which is different now and you feel... the feelings you've felt a few days, a week, or a month ago, pressing the shutter.

For me it is not the same as having a picture of your ex-girlfriend or died grandfather in an album. I can believe that the past is kept in a picture, but never in a fridge...

Unfortunately, digits don't allow us to save feelings in a refrigerator...


abstract film

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