Frozen vegetables better then fresh.

What about that.

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Some scientists where study frozen and fresh vegetables and they discover that frozen are better then fresh.

They all have almost the same value vitamins and calories. In that point fresh vegetables and fruits are even better but yet frozen are better. Why, because of pesticides. Productions of frozen products are more controlled then ‘production fresh products’.

When we buy fresh goodlooking salad we have no idea where it was growing, maybe in some charming garden but maybe in some charming garden near the busy road.

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Ok so you will say that is only matter of better control of this product, but I do not want to awake some day and find salad more expensive then bread. In my country (Poland) salad costs about 1zł it is about 0,42$. I am sure that when our government will create more restricted low to control that, instead buying salad I will buy package, quality signs, some European quality sings and then a salad for three times more expensive the it is now.

I surrender ok, health have to cost more.


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February 28, 2008


Hi Sherry
I love summertime too, as well as fresh fruits.

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