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Have you ever wished you could upload images as fast as you can process them? Well, I certainly have!

When I started contributing to Dreamstime, I uploaded one image at a time, directly through the website. At first, it wasn't so bad. But, as my uploads began to grow, so did my wait period.

Most of my stock images I can process within one minute (complicated ones and problem-children aside), but it would take up to several minutes just to upload one! I would spend more time at the computer trying to upload than I would processing. That's crazy! I have better things to do with my time!

I found the FTP option but had difficulties for a couple of months trying to get it to work right. Apparently I have GREAT firewall protection (take great as you will).

Finally a few weeks ago, I found the compromise between the FTP client and my firewall. I just processed about 15 to 20 images of candy shot last weekend in about 5 minutes. Now I can set them to upload and hit the shower. =D

Photo credits: Drizzd, Teresa Kenney, Christos Georghiou.

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