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hi guys what's going on?

today I want to introduce you a simple and faster way to upload your photos! many of you surely know that all microstock agencies allow you to upload your works directly with FTP connections making you save time!

I have to say that many agencies have got great flash programs which simplify your uploads but some doesn't show you thumbnails, some got number of file limits...etc

So I've tried to set my Filezilla with all agencies and send pictures, it's incredibly fast, you can prepare batches of file and let your computers upload everything while you take pictures, or while you're sleeping.

what you have to do:

download a FTP client software, there are a lot of free programs, some only for microstockers, I'm using Filezilla just because I've already installed it. You can get it here for free.

then you have to configure every server connection, setting the agency FTP Server, your user name and your password.

Usually your FTP user name and password are the same you use to log in websites.

Well this is a sample to show you how it's simple to do, your FTP client will ask:

FTP address: upload.dreamstime.com

Username (user ID): your ID

Password: your password

Obviusly this sample works only for Dreamstime, if you want to use it for other agency you have to change the FTP address.

Hope to make you faster and happier!

keep shooting! (with your camera...obviously)


Photo credits: Lorenzo Gambaro.

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September 24, 2017



March 09, 2012


Thank a lot. You safe my life. ;D

August 30, 2011


WoW !

August 28, 2011


Great info! Thanks for sharing!

August 28, 2011


Thanks for sharing!!!

August 28, 2011


Thanks for the info. This is very useful

August 28, 2011


Thanks for information.

August 27, 2011


Thanks for the info. This is very useful.

August 27, 2011


Thanks for sharing.

August 27, 2011


I use ******** for FTP upload.It's a great tool to upload the whole batch to several agencies at the same time and a great tool to check your keywords

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