Full Circle

Well, I guess I'm in the mood to write this morning. I'll get to the mess in my office later.............

I've been getting a lot on line lately, I finally passed the 1000 download mark and also had a picture accepted for an assignment, so this year has started off with a bang. I wonder if all of this is just luck or if I have finally figured something out. If you have a chance between shoots, or downloads if you're a buyer, have a look at my portfolio and feel free to give me some hints. I'm stubborn and don't listen to advice anyway, so you won't hurt my feelings.

I guess like most of us I always knew I liked taking pictures. I knew nothing about making photography a real job. When I was the age to think about doing something like that a "real camera" was out of reach and I would have not been able to get proper training, anyway. Then I got married, had to follow my husband around (Army) and had kids. Later, my husband started building his business so that left me to do what I could to keep my family going and unfortunately, but very willingly, help with our aging parents. The best thing I did during that time was to get into sports so that I could have some outlet to keep my sanity. Anyone with family knows what that means!

Well, it happened, the grand kids started popping out! I was again bitten with the shutterbug. I started looking at all of the things I grew up loving and all of the new memories I could make and wanted to photograph everything. I enjoy writing and wanted to make books for the kids..need photos..so I can now justify my first digital camera. I surfed the web one day, saw info about selling online and gave it a shot. Not good enough, only snapshot or wall art, so I sold a few wall art. But to make money at that you have to be somebody and I was nobody. This area is full of artists and photographers so I had no hope unless I hooked up with one of them or really got out and worked to sell myself. I have another small business so didn't want to do a lot of knocking on doors and such.

There's an artistic gene in my family, that's why I was always fiddling around with artsy things. But I can't draw. My mother's cousin was a famous designer and then portrait artist and I had no hopes of following in his footsteps, they were way too big! I knew that if I tried to do what he did I'd become "poor little Susan, she tries so hard". Now, look at me, here I am trying hard at micro stock! Sometimes life is so cruel...is this what we call "going full circle"?

Whatever, I'm enjoying it and my brain cells need the workout. They do tend to dry up over time! The tutorials you fabulous people post help a lot and the inspiration from all of the great portfolios keeps me looking and trying to learn.

So, to end this long tirade, let me just thank everyone. The admin's, the photographers and buyers. May we all make it through 2009 and beyond with many UL's and DL's, may the world come together and solve all of it's problems, and finally may new Nikon D3X's, or any other good expensive camera, fall from the sky for all of us. That's my attempt at an Irish blessing, I'm not 100% Irish.

Cheers...now back to work, everyone.

© Noonie

© Noonie

© Noonie

Photo credits: , Susan Leggett.

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Thanks, Anita, it's a lot of fun even if I don't ALWAYS get it right:)


Lovely thoughts, Susan. Straight from your heart and I could feel your passion in everything you have touched. Keep on shooting, you´re on the right road!


Thanks Peter, I enjoy talking with you. Can't wait to see all those new photos!!


Good for you Susan You are a really good person good luck with your photographic endeavors I know you will do well .You have helped me a lot since I started on dreams time.You feel like an old friend. Thank you.


Thanks, I hope to get a lot, as you do!! We're in this together so let's keep the ball rolling :-))


You are great!!!Susan,I belive you'll have more downloads in 2009.
Thanks a lot for sharing it with us!


Yes, this is a great site and I'm enjoying it! Everyone shares tutorials and good websites and there's a lot of info out there. My fat cat is #3591444, he's a sweetie even at that angle. I need to go back and reread the thread to see if they cleaned it up any! It's just as well that Hatman left because the goals I set for myself took up so much time I wouldn't have had as much opportunity to jabber incohenently. Have a good week and may the Newbies float to the top!!!


I read comments further down the page and read Amanda's comment about Hatman - so I searched through the forums and found the thread she referred to (If anyone else is interested, it is here: ) and thought it was very amusing and very educational for me. (I didn't know you were a newbie like me when you first joined!) It was very encouraging for me to read it. (I did have one question - I couldn't find the "fat cat" picture - which one is that?) I have been fortunate enough to find someone to coach me along, too - it is LittleDesire! She has been very helpful!! Her lighting tips were what helped me with my recent isolated nutcracker photos (#8229065 and #8219264). It's very helpful to have a "coach" like that! And Dreamstime members are so friendly to newbies!!!


Thank you for the story - it encourages newbies like me!


Thanks, Eti and Richard, I strive to learn and entertain some along the way :-)


Nice story Susan. Thanks for sharing it with us!


Thanks again everyone! And silly me, I forgot to wish for the new Sigma 200-500mm lens to fall down upon us, also, so I shall add that small request.


Lovely blog - a great read thank you Susan! Nice images too. I wish you lots of luck with 2009.


Nice photos and PF. I like your weapon of choice to fall from the sky, I would choose the Nikon D3X too, it could even hit me on the head on the way down.


Yeah, Dessie, crazy is as crazy does...and I do!


Just wanna say something as I were you: You should be working now, Susan!
Love all your comments! You know you're one of my favs from the beginning I'm here! You're as crazy as I am!


Thanks, Amanda. Yeah, I miss ole Hatman...we had it going, didn't we? He understood my sense of humor...it takes one to know one, as they say. I do keep in touch, he's quite busy now and in Korea!!


Love to read through to happy endings!! Gosh I remember first logging on here and surfing the convo between you and hatman. Do you keep in contact with him? Anyway, great progress and a portfolio to be very proud of!!


Hey, Maigi, thanks. Sometimes I have to say some of the things that are in my heart!


Oh, dear Susan, so lovely to read your story. Keep on rejoicing us with your beautiful photos and amusing comments. You are doing great! :))

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