Full frame wars good for microstock

Bring on the new Canon 5D, but can it contain the enthusiasm of buyers of the Nikon D700 and the Sony A900.

At last. At last there is a stage where the marketing of the majors has backfired just a little, and now they are battling a war among themselves.

I believe the medium priced full frame 5D market was all about taking on those that still prefer the Mamiyas and Leaf digital backs. Plus those who required much much more than 12 mp.

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But what has happened is Sony (God love them) has decided it wants to be considered as a preferred supplier to professionals and semi professionals.

This really raised the bar, and has forced Nikon to do something a little bit special. Finally they have realised that microstock photographers are a big market and they NEED something special. Also, stockies want to use their cameras for their personal use. So that means, MOVIE MODE!

Now look, the current Canon 5D is a great camera. And it is the perfect wedding camera. So when the new Canon is introduced, look for the price of the old one to slip to close to USD1,000.

This means all of us can finally use our lenses without that 1.6 crop factor.

Let's hope Canon have over manufactured heaps of the old Canon 5Ds.

Photo credits: Olga Zanchurina, Jian Zhang.

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September 17, 2008


Yes Brad. You can see how cheap a 30D is now. I expect they will soon be around $1,000

September 17, 2008


Now that they have released it, here is hoping the old 5D's flood the used market :)

September 13, 2008


Good blog - I totally see where your coming from. That said, while I like my wide angle photography, and the advantage that a full frame sensor would offer me, I love the crop factor for shooting many telephoto shots. It allows me to get much closer than I would ever be able to without buying four figure lenses.

With the new Canon 50D coming out at 15 MP, with the 1.6x crop factor, it seems like the issues between full frame and APS-C sensors will be more about wide angle versus telephoto needs of the photographer, even with the noise and sensor site size issues, which are quickly becoming irrelevant as technology keep advancing.

Whichever way you go, the cameras today are terrific and only getting better!

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