A full fridge, a pantry, a lightbox. . .

So, I've got a refrigerator full of interesting food, a pantry with tons of stuff, a decent tripod (if not the the tripod of my dreams), and a Photoflex lightbox.

Where to go from here? I know that food photos sell well, but I've had some trouble in the inspiration department.

Has anyone else been in this position?

If so, where did you start? Any ideas on which common foods, things I have around the house already, are suitable?

I did try a series of spices, on and off a wooden cutting board, but they didn't make the cut. . .

Photo credits: John Wollwerth.

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January 30, 2008


Hmm. . . That's an interesting idea. My first thought is some experimentation with stopping the action via flash at the moment of impact.

January 29, 2008


Fruits and vegetables are so sculptural... I'd focus on those aspects. Also really liked a shot I saw on Flickr... can't find the link at the moment - of an orange being dropped into water. Maybe adding movement? I am visualizing suspending a fig or green bean or walnut half from some kind of invisible string and then making it swing across the frame.

January 27, 2008


Hah-hah! I love the idea of mystery and ambience. I will definitely check out Michael Ray's work. As for the comment about just eating it--me, too!

January 26, 2008


I'm still working on this myself. I find it difficult to make food look pretty enough for a sellable picture. I'd rather just eat it. :)

January 26, 2008


Charles, The secret to successful food photos is in creating some mystery and ambiance to go along with it. Sidelighting and backlighting are key, as well as creating and controlling reflections. See Michael Ray's website here for some inspiration. Be sure to scroll down and check the blog links where he has some instructional articles and tips. For complex setups, it takes years to get to his level, but trust me, this guy makes frozen corn look good.

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