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Fun with food.....

.......I just couldn't resist - my daughter is 16 months old and is learning to eat by herself. Let me tell you, she's a bundle of joy and really loves life and is always in a good mood. As a result, when letting her eat by herself, it has consequences that are just to much fun.

While eating I just decided to move her in front of a white wall, and with a less then 5 minute photoshoot (flash mounted on camera, bounced from ceiling with white card to create fill light, and no post processing) these photos were the result:

Photo credits: Paul Hakimata.

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April 07, 2011


I love this series!! Esp the "see no evil" pose :) Great work Paul!

April 06, 2011


Very cute.

April 05, 2011


Oh what a lovely mess :-)!

April 05, 2011


Fun! :) Cute series, Paul. I still eat like that! ha

April 05, 2011


Great photos Paul,i wish you many sales of them!

April 04, 2011


Hahaha, I love these images, she is certainly having a lot of fun!

April 04, 2011


cute girl and nice pics

April 04, 2011


Food With Fun !

April 04, 2011


This is so funny :D

April 04, 2011


Wow!!! Great images... I'm sure you will have good luck with them.

April 04, 2011


Great ones and cute baby!
Congrats for both

April 04, 2011


Such a sweet baby! Mine was like yours... But it was 17 years ago. Now SHE crititizes ME for spaghetti spots on my suit :-)

Congrats to great photos. And 100 times more congrats to have such a nice daughter.. Let she will be lucky, healthy, and safe for the whole her long-long-long and happy life!

It's a great pleasure - to be a dad, isn't it?

April 04, 2011


Little sweetie cutie beauty :)))

April 04, 2011


Thanx all.
@Brett: The photos are different enough in expression - the collage was a long shot.

April 04, 2011


LOL so cute!!!! :)))

April 04, 2011


Nice, I'm suprised in the scheme of things they accepted "similars" with the same pictures used again in the collage??

April 04, 2011


I super cute!!! Good luck with your photos!

April 04, 2011


I've already seen the photos but it seems you haven't added them to this post...

April 04, 2011


Too cute! I remember those days a LONG time ago, LOL!

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