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Hi, Friends.

I noticed that after making a photosession on a certain subject my interest to this subject get's much higher than before. I immediately become curious what others did on the same matter and how other photographers see the same object or a concept. After some work on a certain subject is already done I better notice details and sometimes think - wow, how can others be so smart and why I never thought about all these ways to approach? It gives a lot of inspiration and competitive spirit.

Same way after making a series of "eggs" I began to search the "eggs" of other photographers and discovered that eggs can be not only like this

like this

or like this .

But also like that


like that




and, oh, my God, even like that


So, my first images collection was done within minutes. Very soon I had 17 of them, on each subject which I was shooting.

What was the use of spending time on collections besides fun, inspiration and huge amount of ideas? - Visiblity of my own immages included in the collections increased! My collection "Marmalade", for example, was viewed 50 times within the first day, and "most popular images" in my profile very fast changed. And - a pleasant surprise - some photographers whose pictures I added in my collections added mine in theirs ;) Mutual collaboration and hope for more sales.

Collections forever ;)))

By the way, do you have any ideas how else collections can be used? Could be interesting to know opinions.

Photo credits: Elena Ray Microstock Library © Elena Ray, Foodmaniac, Julia161, Robyn Mackenzie, Scorpion26, Timehacker.

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Wow, this picture after I saw it was all the evening in my mind. So sad :( But a good work must be in my collection. Added ;)


How about this take on eggs :)



I love using collections to organize my profile and to save my favorite photos here on Dreamstime for future reference and enjoyment!


very nice! I wouldnt know where to begin! I have alot of images that can be grouped together but not so sure how.


Thanks for sharing, useful for newbies, I'll try to make one.

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